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Software Development Services

Software Development Services

SPINX INC. provides a blend of state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technologies to provide customized web based and software based solutions which reduces the client’s expenditure to a very large extent by saving on their resources and time. In addition, we also ensure timely delivery of the product without compromising in any of the quality parameters.

At SPINX INC., we follow a specific software development service process, wherein our project passes through several stages to completely satisfy our clients requirements by delivering best results which are as:

  • Understanding the requirements specifications from the client’s end.
  • Analyzing the problems faced by the client in the current process.
  • Queries regarding the current process are generated from our side, so as to figure out what exactly the client wants from us.
  • Designing of the software.
  • Implementation of software development.
  • Testing of software.
  • Deployment of software to the client’s place.
  • Maintenance of software as per client’s need.

Our Software development services:


Software as a Service (SaaS):
SaaS is a distribution model in which we host and provide you with software applications that you can access and use over the internet. By availing this service from us you can:

  • Cut down on your costs on hardware and software required for your application to run.
  • Lower down your operational costs on hardware and software in terms of the maintenance and administration.
  • Use your saved resources, cost and time in developing your core competencies.
  • Have an access to the software from any place at any time wherever an internet connection is available.
  • Pay only for the services that you require and stop paying when you don’t want to avail the service.
  • Try out different applications, instead of one static application, as per your requirements.

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Custom Software Application Development:
We focus strongly on developing customized software applications as per the client’s requirement and expectation. We follow the following software development service process to ensure best possible results for our clients:

  • First we develop a strategy based on the current processes of our clients.
  • Feasibility analysis is done and particular detailed requirements are gathered from our clients.
  • Analysis is done to find out the best solution for our client.
  • Development of the software is carried out.
  • Finally software is deployed followed by regular maintenance.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
With the help of customer relationship management (CRM) system developed by us, you can collect, organize and analyze the details of your customers which will help you connect strongly with your customers and build a long lasting relationship with them by being aware of their needs, wants, likes, dislikes, expectations, and preferences. With the help of various tools used in CRM, customer information and data can be obtained from a central storage to take strategic decisions.

Our CRM tools will help you in handling following business activities with ease:

  • Financial Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):
ERP system integrates the internal and external boundaries of the organization to bind the business processes and activities together to facilitate a steady flow of information within or across organizational boundaries. It is in compliance with the industry standards. ERP system developed by us gives you an ease and convenience to finish all your tasks effectively and efficiently.

Our cutting edge:

  • Increasing your competitiveness through flexible and fast integrated processes and activities.
  • "In time" delivery of your products and services to the market.
  • Simplifying the corporate structure thus allowing smooth business flow in the end to end product or service delivery model.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by suitable utilization of assets and resources.
  • Act as a foundation base for cloud computing technology. Integrate your businesses in multiple locations, languages and across various industries.

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Software Migration Services:
Our software migration services assist in shifting the old systems to the latest open platforms to achieve enhanced agility in business thus lowering down on operating and maintenance costs. With us you can reduce the risk of migrating critical applications as we have got expertise in migrating software application effectively.

In order to migrate from outdated system to open systems, you really need to have a strong reason and ROI to go ahead. Our experts will put in their best efforts by combining best technology and service to facilitate the software migration with innovation, agility, optimization, cost effectiveness, and reliability. To achieve this, the process that we follow is mentioned below:

  • Enhancing and integrating old outdated system with an open system.
  • Migration of environment, database, language and architecture.
  • Migration of operating system.
  • Testing on various platforms.
  • Re-Hosting done after Re-Enabling which is done after Re-Engineering.

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Microsoft Dynamics:
We provide you with a series of ERP and CRM solutions developed by Microsoft such as:

  • A multi-language CRM that provides competence in marketing, service and sales towards the customers.
  • An ERP solution for financial and accounting analysis and reporting.
  • Business management solution known as “AX” to conduct business in various countries with the help of processes which are standardized and consolidated.
  • Business management solution known as “GP” designed for administration, training and customization.
  • ERP solution known as “NAV” to deliver industrial functionalities for specialized organizations and industries in order to help them meet the local needs of operating regions respectively.
  • Business management solution known as “SL” to help organizations in terms of business analysis and reports which in turn helps them to increase customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness. Profitability and projects will be managed by the user with the help of the ability to organize and automate complex jobs through a single user interface.

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